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a comment from an army soldier!

Ms. Lilly Heavey, First, congratulations on your beautiful new joy! I’m quite sure that your little Sidney is putting magic in your life! Second, cudos on helping bring back women’s professional soccer – something our nation sorely needs! I say that with an undercurrent of patriotism, and the context of witnessing human suffering in the Middle East and Africa firsthand, where even they embrace the magic of “futbol”. Third, pat on the back for hitting your pushups mark recently, and for getting back in shape. You know what you have to do. So, I just thought I would share a quick note of thanks for all your efforts and achievements, and for the inspiration you give to thousands. Let me tell you about my best little friend, Flora (my daughter, age 12.) She was born and raised in Germany, and played “fussball” with the boys every year beginning at age six. When we moved to Massachusetts in December, 2007 Flora was crushed to leave all that she knows behind, and she still suffers from that. But, Flora has soldiered on, gotten mostly As and Bs in her first year in school, and is playing soccer for a club in Marlborough. Soccer, as you can imagine, is where her spirit lives – it is the fabric that holds her together right now. And, I’m seeing how that can be the reality for many young girls and women here in our country, not just Europe and elsewhere. What I hope for is that Flora, and girls nationwide that are naturally talented like Flora, will learn something from your example. I will do my level best to encourage my little friend, and likewise for all young athletes that I meet. For Flora’s inspiration, and for my entertainment pleasure, my wife and I are seriously considering buying season tickets to see you and the Breakers at Harvard next year. So, “Iron Lady,” here is one Soldier that will be cheering for you as you continue forward. Best wishes always! And ALWAYS BELIEVE! Hal
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