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Dear Kristine, I’m so happy that I now have your email. I’d first to say that you’ve been a great inspiration to me and to many other girls. Just like you on the field I’m more of the play maker than anything else. I believe that your a great role model for girls. A lot you see on the tabloids about stars doing wrong things that are not good to look up to. Your quite the contrary. OMG your sooo amazing and I’m so happy that your playing with the breakers! Boston is sorta like my hometown. I live in R.I and as you can see I live really close. Soccer is great sport and I’d love to see you play soon. Congrats on all your hard work, it shows it pays off. Can’t wait for a great season. Sincerely, Lily

Lily Thanks for your nice note! I’m glad you are a breakers fan too. It is great to know that I can be of some inspiration. Keep up the good work in all that you do. Someone may be looking up to you as well. kristine
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Kristine Lilly - Soccer Highlights April 21 2019
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