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But this time it’s from a father who has always held up you and the US women’s soccer team as a role model for my own daughter. Girls who are growing up today seem to be grittier, tougher, and much more self reliant than in the past. Recently my daughter brought to my attention, after a father daughter day of skiing, that young men on the school bus with her were teasing her ect and that she wanted to go confront them and their parents with my help. So we went to the home of the young men in question and to my pleasant surprise I did not have to say a word. My daughter who is a 7 year old second grader completely stuck up for herself. Needless to say the situation worked itself out with a little parental guidance. Congratulations to you and your husband, and I, we, hope you all the success, health, happiness in the future. Thanks Jedediah K Hogan

Hey Jedediah, I’m glad your daughter stood up for herself, that is just great. I like it. We have to continue to make girls, women, strong, in how they feel about themselves and you will see them be tougher all around, but with a nurturing heart all the same. Thanks for your note, kristine
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