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hi kristine!!! u probably don’t remeber me, but i emailed u a few months ago. my name is claire and i am 13. I AM SUCH A BIG FAN OF U!!!!!!!!!!! you are such an inspiration to young girls like me. i remember when my PE coach used to say that i was going to play for the US WNT because i would play with the boys all the time at recess because they played soccer. i’d come home and my dad would ask me why me knees were skinned or why i was limping. everyday i would say the same thing. “i was playing soccer dad. no one would play goalie so i had to do it” (sometimes iÂgot carried away because i have a bad ankle now so i sprain it all the time.) i had no clue what my PE coach was talking about then. but, a couple of years ago, i became a total freak….i have watched almost every WNT game and during the olympic final i made my math teacher turn the game on. pictures of the team are all over my room. i watched the movie the world at their feet. do u remember what it felt like to head the ball out of the goal during the final minutes of the 1999 women’s world cup?? it was one of the most amazing things i have ever seen. my ultimate dream is playing for the WNT. some people said though that their are a lot of people that want that too. it made me kind of sad when they said this but im not going to give up. i am a total fan of staying in shape and running on the days i don’t have practice or a game. do you think it is ok to run 3-4 miles every do except for practice or game days?? oh ya…..congratulations on being drafted into the boston breakers with angela and heather!!! (you guys are my favorite team in the WPS) and your daughter sidney is so cute!!!! i liked the picture of her at the pumpkin patch. good luck with the breakers!!!  claire

Hey Claire I love that you have the dream to play on the National Team, keep it alive. Just remember you have to work hard! I’m glad you saw the movie about the team. I do remember heading the ball off the line, but it happened so fast I don’t remember what was going through my mind. I think playing in the games and in practice is good work outs for you. Plus do you play other sports? If you do continue to do that and that helps you to be fit too. As for running 3 or 4 miles, probably once or twice a week, plus you can probably get away with 2 miles or so and try to run that fast. At your age, playing sports is more important than doing just running, that is my opinion! Good luck kristine
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