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oh and i was also wondering, well im starting varsity soccer this year, and im sort of nervous, especially playing with people who are twice as big as me and up to 4 years older than me, but i was just wondering what you do before a game to calm your nerves, and just go out there and do a great job like you always do, and how you adjusted from going to high school, or club soccer to the National level?

Hey Emily It is normal to get nervous before games. I usually listen to music to put me in my routine to get ready to play. I also just focus on what I need to do in the game and know that as long as I work my butt off, I will be ok. It is different jumping to different levels and you just take it as it comes. The first time around is a bit more nerve-racking but the more time you spend at that level you become more comfortable and the nerves relax a bit. You just have to keep working hard. Good Luck, kristine
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