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Dear Kristine Lily, I am a big fan of yours and met you 2 times before You proubly don’t remember me because you meet so many people. I think you are truley a role model and very strong and pretty. When I grow up I want to be exacly like you! Since you grew up in Wilton and I live in New Canaan we almost grew up in the same town I came to the Krikit store when you were there. I am 9 years old. My comet about you is that your really good at playing soccer!! I hope I will meet you again you are pretty amazing kristine. Yours truley, Lindsay

Hey Lindsay So you live in New Canaan that is great. It is a nice area to grow up in. I really enjoyed Wilton. Thanks for being a fan of mine! I bet if I saw you I would remember your face, I do remember faces better than names because I do meet a lot of kids. You should come to my soccer camp this summer in Wilton. June 23,24,25th. if you go to my website and click on the kl Soccer Academy tab, you will see the information. Registration will be up soon. Hope to see you this summer kristine
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Kristine Lilly - Soccer Highlights March 19 2019
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