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Pre-game preparations both physical and mental… Find your rituals!


Everyone has his or her own pre-game preparations or rituals if you must. I had them and they helped me be ready for my performance on the field. In 1996 we were training in Florida for the ’96 Olympics. We were introduced to a Sports Psychologist, Colleen Hacker. She was just a sports psychologist to…Continue Reading

Lilly Broadens Her Soccer Reach as Coach and 2014 Convention Clinician


Please check out this story on the NSCAA website! I will presenting a field session this year at the Convention in Philly in January of 2014! Come join me! Always Believe, Kristine Lilly

ESPN press release: “The ’99ers” airing tonight on ESPN at 8pm!


Documentary tells the story of the 1999 United States women’s national soccer team who became a cultural phenomenon, changing the face of women’s athletics The next documentary in ESPN Films’ and espnW’s Nine for IX series, The 99ers, will premiere on Tuesday, August 20, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. The film, directed by Erin Leyden, and produced…Continue Reading

Update before my busy time……


May 23, 2013 I always have great intentions of keeping up with my monthly journals and then I look at my last entry and a month and a bit has gone by.  So what have I been doing, that I haven’t made time to reach out to you, my fans!  I would first like to…Continue Reading

My Ebook!


April 2, 2013 Boston, Ma. Hi Everyone, I am happy to share with you my Ebook.  For the last year, Alf and Charlie from Coerver Coaching, and I have been working on this Ebook.  It is finally finished and ready for your eyes!  We are really proud of how it came out and think it…Continue Reading

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