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March 19, 2013

Boston, Ma.

Hi everyone!

I hope anyone that is on the east coast, that just got more snow, is surviving.  I am done with the snow and wish nothing more for the sun to shine to warm us all up.  Seeing that it is the first day of spring tomorrow, I think we are due for some nice weather.

Well even though there is snow on the ground I am still heading to Forekicks complex in Marlboro, on Saturday to raise awareness for and to help collect soccer balls, soccer gear and donations for Nick Madaras.  Here is a little bit about Nick Madaras!  He was from my hometown and the cause in honor of him is wonderful and has made a difference in young kids lives!

Read about Nick but more importantly come to Forekicks Complex in Marlboro on Saturday March 23 from 9:30-12 & 1-2 to donate and make a difference!

Nick was a Wilton, Connecticut resident and a soccer enthusiast who was killed in Iraq at only 19 years of age.

Before leaving home after his last visit he remarked about how meaningful it was to give the local kids there used soccer balls.

  After his death, a charity was founded to collect donated balls and give them to children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

 Kick for Nick:

 His story was featured on ESPN

A Soldier’s Legacy

This feature was first shown on

 ESPN’s SportsCenter, January 20th, 2008

 and repeated every hour

on Monday January 21st, 2008

 from 6AM until 1PM.

The video has been shown

again each Memorial Day weekend

since 2008.

 ESPN noted that it was

the highest rated

 ‘Outside the Lines’ segment ever recorded.

  This video was also the winner

 of a Finalist Certificate in the

Human Interest category of the New York

 International Television Programming & Promotion Awards as well as a winner

of the 2009 Edward R. Murrow Award

for Sports Reporting.

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