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No Place Like the Playoffs

No Place Like The Playoffs   Win or go home. It¹s playoff time and it¹s that simple. And don¹t you just love the simple things in life? Leave it all on the field; play like there¹s no tomorrow; it all comes down to this ­ if you play sports you hear these clichés often but…Continue Reading

Dear Kristine Lily, I am a big fan of yours and met you 2 times before You proubly don’t remember me because you meet so many people. I think you are truley a role model and very strong and pretty. When I grow up I want to be exacly like you! Since you grew up…Continue Reading

My name is Morgan and I am from just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am 15 and I really hope to break into professional soccer, but it seems that most of the pros were on the younger national teams or somewhere up there at my age and I just wanted to know if it will…Continue Reading

oh and i was also wondering, well im starting varsity soccer this year, and im sort of nervous, especially playing with people who are twice as big as me and up to 4 years older than me, but i was just wondering what you do before a game to calm your nerves, and just go…Continue Reading

Hi Kristine! My name’s Charlene Henry. I’m 21 years old and I’m in my senior year at Immaculata University. Thanks so much for keeping your fans updated on your website…it means a lot! Are you planning on playing again in the WPS? I was just wondering, will any of the teams hold an ‘open tryout’…Continue Reading

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