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Kristine Lilly

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Mission Statement

The TeamFirst Soccer Academy is dedicated to providing girls and young women an opportunity to develop as individual players within a disciplined and unselfish team environment. It is our goal to encourage players to respect the integrity of the game while we continue to nurture their love for soccer.

Our World-Class instructors are waiting for you!

Come train with Mia, Tish, and Kristine and let them teach you the fun and successful TeamFirst style of play. Just take a look at their combined achievements, many of which they notched as teammates:

  • 5 Olympic Gold Medals
  • 5 FIFA World Championships
  • 12 NCAA Soccer Championships
  • 321 International Goals
  • 715 Caps for the US Women’s National Team

In the history of competitive soccer, they are second to none because they put TEAMFIRST.

The best players are the best teammates. The best players put TEAMFIRST.

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My Videos

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