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May 23, 2013

I always have great intentions of keeping up with my monthly journals and then I look at my last entry and a month and a bit has gone by.  So what have I been doing, that I haven’t made time to reach out to you, my fans!  I would first like to use my kids as an excuse and then go from there.  Days have been filled with school, playing, laughing, snacking, more playing and laughing and some not so happy moments.  Not a good enough excuse, well then let’s recap and then share with you all what lies in store.

As you already know I have written and Ebook with my partners at Coerver Coaching.  I have been spending time spreading the word about my book.  I did a twitter chat on twitter @Herosport.  I communicated with lots of fans and it was nice to answer almost everyone’s questions. New England Soccer Journal, Soccer America all have helped me reach the soccer audiences about my book so let’s hope it will impact people’s lives. visit to buy the book!

Since my last journal I have done some cool things and traveled to one place that I have always wanted to go.  So now I will share with you my last month and half…

I traveled to Anchorage Alaska!! Yes I finally made it to Alaska and it was beautiful and cold.. I went there on behalf of Cook Inlet Soccer Club.  I spoke at 3 schools one day, spoke at their fundraiser event one night, saw sites and then did clinics all day for the young soccer players of Anchorage.  It was a fun filled visit and I was taken good care of.  Two families hosted me and showed me what Alaska people are all about.  Randal and his family and Larry and his family were so welcoming and made me feel part of their families.  It was great to spend time with them and their kids; Courtney, Rachel, Larry and Brittany.  It really was an amazing trip and I want to thank Cook Inlet Soccer Club for asking me to there spring fundraiser event.  Oh yeah, I did get to see some wildlife and a moose outside our event that night, it was really cool.

I did my taxes!

I watched the Boston Marathon.  I started out to be such an amazing day with my friend Jodi in town with her kids.  We ran the marathon together last year so it was nice to sit at mile 14 and watch all the runners run for a cause, for someone else or just for themselves.  The day had a terrible turn and everyone’s lives were forever changed especially for the one’s that lost loved ones and the one’s that were severely injured.  My prayers and thoughts are with them all! Boston Strong!

Started up my private lessons at Dana Hall.  The weather cleared, so it has given me the opportunity to do my private lessons with the kids.  I do love teaching in my one on one sessions and it makes me happy to know these kids are having confidence and getting better.

Dana Hall had an event called She Sails.  It was an all day workshop for the girls at the school and one workshop was on Title IX.  I spoke along with Maureen who is a sailor, and became paralyzed after a fall.  She has a Gold Medal from the 2008 Paralympic games.  Great woman and amazing courage and strength.

Attended 2 Boston Breakers games with my girls.  They won one game and tied the other. They are doing great this year and have a home game this weekend at Dilboy stadium at 7pm on Saturday night 25th.  Come join me and cheer on the Boston Breakers this weekend or future games this summer.


I spoke at the CIAC High School Scholar Athlete Banquet in Ct.  Which recognizes the top scholar athletes in all the high schools in Ct.  It was a fun dinner and hopefully my speech, impacted the young adults lives but also hopefully it made them laugh and smile as well.

I have been finding my release on a spin bike!  I go every week to Spynergy in Wellesley Ma.  It is so great.  50 minutes of working hard, listening to loud music and sweating!  I love it and it has helped me have a little variety in my work outs.  If you haven’t tried it then you should give it a spin… hee hee!

Vacation!  My husband and I got away for 5 days for some adult time!  We went out to Pebble Beach to celebrate his early 40th birthday.  So the trip was filled with golf and more golf!  I have to say I enjoyed being on the course and enjoyed even more the time we had together!  We got to see my good friend Brandi and her family as well and played some golf, went to the beach and had some great sushi!  It was a great trip and once in a life time opportunity to play Pebble Beach and Spyglass golf courses!  I was the only one out of my group to birdie hole #7 at Pebble… shhhh!

Soccer Night in Newtown 2!  I went to another event in Newtown Ct. to give an evening of fun and soccer for the community of Newtown that lost so many young and amazing people!  It was a lot of fun for me to interact with the kids, on the soccer field, signing autographs, taking pictures and just having some fun.  There were some other amazing players and people that were there; Mia Hamm, Tony Meola, Tab Ramos, Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman, Bob Ley, Jeff Agoos and others.  It was great to see some old friends and share our love of soccer with the community.

Now I am ending my May with a visit to my hometown of Wilton Ct.  After the annual Memorial Day parade in Wilton I will play in a couple soccer games to raise money for Kick for Nick.  Nick Maderas lost his life in 2006 in Iraq.  His foundation collects soccer balls and other donations to give to kids stricken by war all over the world.  So on Monday I will play soccer with the Ancient warriors, some coaches and some of Nicks friends and former teammates to raise money and awareness for!
If you are in the area and want to watch and help support a great cause come down to Kristine Lilly Field at the Wilton High school around 11:30 on Monday the 27th!

The summer is around the corner and that means camps are coming!  I will be spending my summer traveling around doing camps.  Here is my schedule, if I am in your area hopefully I will see you this summer.

June 7-9- Bentonville, Arkansas:  TEAMFIRST Soccer Academy! Me, Mia Hamma and Tisha Venturini Hoch run a camp for kids!
June  17-19: Glen AllenVa.: TEAMFIRST SOCCER ACADEMY!
at the home of the Richmond Strikers
June 30-July 3rd: Stamford Ct.: KRISTINE LILLY SOCCER ACADEMY!

July 8-10th- Flemington NJ: TEAMFIRST SOCCER ACADEMY
July 26-28th- Houston, Tx.: TEAMFIRST SOCCER ACADEMY

August: 5-9th- Wellesley, ma.: KRISTINE LILLY SOCCER ACADEMY

I hope to see you at camp this summer or if not I hope you enjoy the camps and fun the summer brings!

I will be in touch soon!

Always Believe,

Kristine Lilly


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